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iPhone Back Glass

How does it work

iPhone back glass replacement is unlike other phones very difficult process. The glass is extremely firmly glued in and removing requires disassembling the phone, heating the back slowly removing piece by piece. The process usually takes approximately 2 hours.

The heat melts the glue a bit so removing the broken glass is possible. We are very careful not to damage any components that are hidden under the back glass. To guarantee your satisfaction, we replace the back glass panel with the original quality part.

The mounting point is a transparent waterproof glue ensuring permanent fit.

Does your iPhone have additional damage that you don’t wish to fix ?

If your phone has broken front glass, camera lens or any other issues but you don’t want to fix it, please let us know ! Please mention in notes any issues you have with the phone. If we notice any damage that was not mentioned, we will need to contact you first to explain you this again and get your permission. This may cause some delays. Note, that those additional issues we may offer you to fix it at greatly reduced prices.

Regarding  waterproof mobile phones.

Please note although we use highest quality parts and bonding material, we don’t consider any mobile phone to be waterproof after the repair as this is a subject to manufacturer’s internal tests when they assemble devices in their factories. Although we hope that the repair should restore the waterproofness, we don’t guarantee and don’t take any responsibilities. Use the service only if you agree with this.

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