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How is it possible that I use GENUINE Apple LCD’s LEGALLY if Apple does not sell them ?

So first of all. In the past you may have heard from either the internet or me saying “You cannot buy a genuine Apple LCD, they must be ones taken off another iPhone” or “If you are told they are genuine they are probably lying”. Well this was the case up until a certain point when LCD refurbishment became more affordable to do in house.

The Process involves:

  • Removing the broken glass and frame

  • Removing the old glue and polariser

  • Cleaning the LCD to a mirror finish

  • Re-apply polariser, glue and glass

  • Complete process in the machine to remove bubbles

Now that’s not the whole process but I wont bore you with the details as it isn’t a tutorial BUT this process allows us to keep using the Genuine Apple LCD’s and replacing the broken materials for original like for like ones that are the exact quality and specification.

So now you understand how we are able to do it but why do we recommend it if it seems a lot more work ?

Copy screens are a cheap fix. They do have some benefits but they are heavily outweighed by everything that is good about genuine.

Genuine: Quality and performance are perfect

Copy: Apple updates could stop your copy screens from working - Until they fix the problem

Genuine: The display shows colours the way they are meant to be displayed

Copy: Copy displays often have a blue or yellow tint depending on manufacturer

Genuine: Apple screens are reliable

Copy: A copy screen may not tolerate day to day use as well as a genuine part

All Genuine LCD’s and original iPad screens are backed with a 12 (TWELVE) month warranty. If you crack the glass on you iPhone screen within 3 months of an repair we will replace it for another genuine LCD at half the price you paid first time round!

Any questions, please do not hestitate to contact me on 07423170089

Have a smashing day ;)